The Old Lady Pattern and Customisation Tutorial

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Happy March!

This month’s Midi tier pattern release is The Old Lady from Snow White.

I got a bit carried away with this pattern. It was just supposed to be a customisation tutorial like with Snow White and The Evil Queen. However, the plans quickly changed very early on.

I initially planned to use my Avery doll base. In the end I decided to take the opportunity to work on my contouring and ended up creating a whole different doll base. I hope to make a few more tweaks to the bum and upper thigh, but apart from that I am happy with how her body turned out. From the saggy breasts right down to the pudgy belly pouch.

To give the face that saggy appearance I relied on a mix of stitch and thread contouring to create the dips and crevices.

The shoulders, arms, legs, hands, and feet are all done using the same techniques as my Avery and Arlo doll bases. So, if you have made them before, this pattern should be straightforward enough to follow. I also fully wired this doll so that the arms and legs are manoeuvrable.

Once I have tweaked and tested this doll base, I will likely create a proper PDF and add it to my Etsy store and this post will be edited accordingly and just be a customisation tutorial like I usually create.

The Old Lady’s outfit is simple because it is just a hooded cloak. However, it does really make the character and bring her to life. That being said I just couldn’t resist making a polymer clay poison apple in her hand to finish her off.

Using a 2.5mm hook this Old Lady doll base measures 20 cm / 8 inches tall.


  • 4ply yarn (nude, white and green)
  • 2.5mm crochet hook
  • Yarn needle
  • Fire retardant Fibrefill
  • Craft wire
  • Pliers
  • Black, white, dark red and green felt
  • Felt glue
  • Black sewing needle and thread
  • Black eyeshadow & make up brush (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Stitch marker



A full list of the abbreviations that I use in my patterns:

  • MR# – magic ring with the specified number of single crochets
  • SC – single crochet (double crochet English)
  • HDC – half double crochet (half treble English)
  • DC – double crochet (treble English)
  • INC – single crochet increase
  • #in1 – the specified number of SC in the same stitch (i.e. 3in1)
  • #DCin1 – the specified number of DC in the same stitch (i.e. 3DCin1)
  • #HDCin1 – the specified number of HDC in the same stitch (i.e. 3HDCin1)
  • hdcINC – half double crochet increase
  • dcINC – double crochet increase
  • DEC – invisible decrease (if it is a DEC in BLO I tend to use the 2TOG decrease method)
  • 2TOG – two stitches together decrease (non-invisible) method
  • *_______* X# – repeat sequence within the asterisks the specified number of times e.g. *SC, INC* x6)
  • FLO – front loop only
  • BLO – back loop only
  • CH – chain stitches
  • CC – colour change
  • CH1T – chain a stitch then turn your work
  • SS – slip stitch
  • ST/STS – stitch/stitches
  • OFFSET – a term I use when adding or taking away additional stitches in order to line up or get the right placement
  • = # ROWS – repeat the stitch sequence for the row the specified number of times e.g. 32SC (32) = 5 ROWS
  • FO – fasten off


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You are now complete!

My son mention making a poison apple out of polymer clay, and I typed this post I started liking the idea more and more. So, I had to take a short break to sculpt and bake these apples. Is it a nice finishing touch? Would you know who the Old Lady was if she wasn’t holding the poison apple?

Next month’s Midi tier pattern release will be the customisation tutorials for Mulan and Li Shang. In the meantime, if you haven’t already, you can check out the other patterns that I have available from my Snow White series HERE.

Until the next post, happy crocheting!

Chantelle X

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