I am a mother to three amazing kids and I love all things crafty! People have always considered me to be a creative and artistic person but it had just been a thing that I enjoyed doing to pass the time. Over the past few years I got into crochet and paper crafting. The little space that I had available in my home soon became occupied with boxes of yarn, crochet hooks, fibrefill, paper pads, various types of glues, electronic die cutting machines, paper trimmers, etc. It got so bad that I had to get more creative and find new space and various alternative storage options. The lack of space however has not stopped me one bit. Thankfully I kept on going and even up until now I will get an idea in my head and get lost for hours in my creative madness.

The biggest inspiration for me was when I would browse online see all these amazing projects made by so many talented people. I would attempt to recreate their fantastic creations – not always successfully! Then some time later – and many Youtube tutorials later I began to step outside the box and even try to come up with my own custom designs. This is something that I am now putting some real time into doing and hopefully soon enough my Etsy store will be filled with a wide array of crafted goods and PDF tutorials.

I hope that people are as impressed with my creations as my friends and family have been. I put a lot of thought into my projects and try to focus a lot on the smaller details as well as the bigger ones. I am always open to ideas, suggestions, tips and tricks. Thank you to all of you who actually took time to read all about me. I am a first time blogger and have never been good with words so was unsure what to write but I hope that you still enjoy reading my blog – or at least looking at the pictures!

Thanks again for reading,

Chantelle x