Freebie Friday: Piglet Crochet Pattern

Happy Freebie Friday!!

It’s time for my first ever Freebie Friday and as mentioned in my previous post the first pattern is PIGLET!

The snout for my original Piglet was needle felted. However, I have included the instructions for a crochet snout also. Feel free to use whichever method you prefer. It is entirely up to you. Also, you can scale the pattern up or down by changing the yarn weight and hook size.

Materials Used:

• DK yarn (I used doubled 4PLY cotton yarn (Drops Safran): 1 Light Pink, 2 Medium Pink, 20 Rust, 55 Cerise and 16 Black)
• 3.5mm crochet hook
• Two 8mm safety eyes
• Yarn needle
• Fire retardant Fibrefill
• Scissors
• Stitch marker (optional)
• Sewing pins (optional)




Starting with cerise yarn

  •  MR6
  •  6INC (12)
  •  *SC, INC* X6 (18)
  •  *2SC, INC* X6 (24)
  •  *3SC, INC* X6 (30)
  •  *4SC, INC* X6 (36)
  •  *5SC, INC* X6 (42)
  •  42SC (42)
  •  CC to rust
  • 42SC (42)
  •  CC to cerise
  •  42SC (42) = 3 ROWS
  • CC to rust
  • 42SC (42)
  • CC to cerise
  • 42SC (42)
  • 3SC, DEC, 2SC, *5SC, DEC* X4, 2SC, DEC, 3SC (36)
  • 6SC, *6SC, DEC* X3, 6SC (33)
  • CC to rust
  • 6SC, *5SC, DEC* X3, 6SC (30)
  • CC to cerise
  • 30SC (30) = 2 ROWS
  • *8SC, DEC* X3 (27)
  • CC to rust
  • 27SC (27)
  • CC to cerise
  • *7SC, DEC* X3 (24)
  • 24SC (24)
  • FO and stuff firmly

Legs (make two):

Using light pink yarn

  • MR6
  • *3IN1, INC, SC* X2 (12)
  • SC, 3INC, 3SC, 3INC, 2SC (18)
  • 2SC, INC *SC, INC* X2, 4SC, INC, *SC, INC* X2, 2SC (24)
  • 24SC (24) = 2 ROWS
  • 4DEC, 16SC (20)
  • 2DEC, 7SC, DEC, 7SC (17)
  • DEC, 6SC, DEC, 7SC (15)
  • 15SC (15) = 3 ROWS
  • *4SC, INC* X3 (18)
  • *5SC, INC* X3 (21)
  • 21SC (21)
  • *6SC, INC* X3 (24)
  • 24SC (24)
  • FO and stuff firmly

Arms (make two):

Using light pink yarn

  • MR6
  • *SC, INC* X3 (9)
  • *2SC, INC* X3 (12)
  • 12SC (12) = 2 ROWS
  • INC, 11SC (13)
  • INC, 12SC (14)
  • INC, 13SC (15)
  • INC, 14SC (16)
  • INC, 15SC (17)
  • INC, 16SC (18)
  • INC, 17SC (19)
  • INC, 18SC (20)
  • 20SC (20)
  • FO and stuff firmly


Using light pink yarn

  • CH11, from 2ND ST: 3HDC IN EACH ST (30)
  • FO

Using light pink yarn

^Stuff firmly as you go^

  • MR6
  • 6INC (12)
  • *SC, INC* X6 (18)
  • *2SC, INC* X6 (24)
  • *3SC, INC* X6 (30)
  • 30SC (30) = 4 ROWS
  • *3SC, DEC* X6 (24)
  • 8SC, *SC, INC* X3, 4SC, *SC, INC* X3 (30)
  • 12SC, *INC, SC* X3, 6SC, *INC, SC* X3 (36)
  • *5SC, INC* X6 (42)
  • 42SC (42) = 2 ROWS


Place safety eyes 5 rows down from marker (between rows 10-11) and in the 7th and 12th stitches to the right of the marker

  • *5SC, DEC* X6 (36)
  • *4SC, DEC* X6 (30)
  • *3SC, DEC* X6 (24)
  • *2SC, DEC* X6 (18)
  • *SC, DEC* X6 (12)
  • 6INC (6)
  • FO


Ear (make two):

Using medium pink yarn

  • *4SC, INC* X2 (12)
  • *5SC, INC* X2 (14)
  • *6SC, INC* X2 (16)
  • *7SC, INC* X2 (18)
  • *8SC, INC* X2 (20)
  • 20SC (20) = 3 ROWS
  • *8SC, DEC* X2 (18)
  • *7SC, DEC* X2 (16)
  • *6SC, DEC* X2 (14)
  • 4SC, 3DEC, 2SC, DEC (10)
  • DEC, 8SC (9)
  • INC, 2SC, 3DEC (7)
  • 3SC, DEC, 2SC (6)
  • *SC, DEC* X2 (4)
  • FO but do NOT stuff


Starting with medium pink yarn

  • MR6
  • 6INC (12)
  • Colour change to light pink
  • 12SC in BLO (12)
  • *INC, 5SC* X2 (14)
  • 14SC (14)
  • FO and stuff firmly



It is quite difficult to describe in a written format how to attach the arms and legs but I have included pictures to serve as a guide. Although it is not depicted it is easier if you sew on the eyebrows first. That way you can hide where you tie off the black yarn at the back of the head where you connect the head and body. Also connect the snout, ears, arms, legs and tail (I use the whip stitch but you can use whichever method is easier for you). I found it easier to pin the parts in place so I could sew them on symmetrically. Here are a few optional notes for you to use when assembling your Piglet:

  • Start of eyebrows are placed 2 stitches to the outside and 3 rows above and where you inserted the eyes (pic 1)
  • Attach the body to the centre of the head approximately between rows 10-18 (pic 2)
  • There are 11 stitches between the bottom of the ears and the equivalent of 4 stitches between the top of the ears (pic 3 & 4)
  • Attach the nose in the middle of the head in line with the bottom of the eyes (pic 5)
  • Legs have 3 rows from the centre between them (pic 6)
  • Arms and legs and 4 rows between them and are placed in line with the rust coloured lines (pic 7)
  • Attach the tail in the middle approximately 3 rows from the centre (pic 8)


I hope that you had fun creating this little cutie and are enjoying my Freebie Fridays.

You are now finished! I hope that you are happy with the outcome and I would love to see any completed projects. Please tag/direct message me on Instagram or Facebook (@onescreativemind). You can also send me pictures via email (

I hope that you have as much fun creating this little cutie as I did.

Happy crocheting!

Chantelle x

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  1. I’m in the middle of making this right now and I just wanted to be sure that I wasn’t reading this incorrectly. One line when making the body doesn’t really add up for me. It starts with 42 and after this row, it says I should end with 36.
    The directions are:
    2SC, DEC, 2SC, *5SC, DEC* X4, 2SC, DEC, 2SC (36)
    I ended up with an incomplete row of 34 and when I counted the stitches in the directions I also counted 34. I just added two more single crochets since the rest of the instructions made sense with 36 stitches around.

    • Thank you for letting me know, yes that is a typo. It should read “3SC, DEC, 2SC, *5SC, DEC X4, 2SC, DEC, 3SC”. Happy crocheting! I will correct it now 🙂

  2. Where exactly should I put the eyes? You say to put them 5 rows up from the marker, 5 stitches apart. Do you mean 5 rows up from the end of row 15? I don’t see any marker noted in the directions.

  3. I’m confused. . When changing to a color on the body do you do a row where you have cc to and then another row that same color? How many rows total for the body?

    • When you colour change to the darker colour it one row of that colour and then you change back to the lighter pink and its 3 rows of that colour and it keeps going with that pattern until the end. The body is 23 rows in total. Happy crocheting!

  4. why does piglet have a tail? he doesn’t have one in the books or show. still really cute and i’m making him but without the tail.

  5. Can anyone tell me what size this piglet is?? I messaged the creator on Ravelry but haven’t gotten a response.

    I’m looking to make it in worsted weight yarn but I don’t want it to be massive, the last version I made is over a foot tall.

    • Hello, sorry I do not check my messages daily. The head and body of my 4ply version is 4 inches and my aran version roughly 6.5 inches (this does not include the legs and snout). This is using cotton yarn. Hope this helps. Happy crocheting! XX

  6. Hi! I’m currently working on the ears and I was wondering how you did the ears!?? I’m trying to follow the pattern but it seems like I keep getting confused!

  7. hi! i’m getting confused.. in the 3th linr of the leg it says 18 stiches but SC, 3INC, 3SC, 3INC, 2SC doesn’t make it into 18
    what sould i do?

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