Mario Crochet Pattern

DISCLAIMER: This pattern and the pictures associated with it are property of One’s Creative Mind and are strictly for personal use only. You may NOT sell this pattern on any platform or use my pictures to advertise. However, please feel free to sell your finished crocheted items if you wish and/or post pictures of them on social media. Just remember to tag me or give me a mention as the pattern designer using @onescreativemind. © One’s Creative Mind 2023 Happy first of the month! Mario has been a long-awaited character during my Super Mario journey. I decided to save the best characters for last. Also, I figured the main characters were the hardest in terms of detail and an absolute need to get all of them right. I tried to incorporate as much detail as possible into this pattern but of course, more detail also means a more complicated pattern. However, I have tried my best to keep it as simple and straightforward as possible. As some of you may know, I am a stickler for mixed media so I decided to change some elements so that Mario was not entirely crocheted. I used printed and ironed on eyes (which is my preferred method when making my chibi dolls). I did the same for the letter on Mario’s hat). I also needle felted on the eyebrows and moustache. Lastly, I opted to sew on 2 yellow buttons for the front of the dungarees. I feel like it adds dimension and realism to the character – what do you think? I have included the pattern for the crochet versions of the eyebrows and moustache should you prefer to stitch them on. The hands are made in the same way as Yoshi – if you have made him already. If you find it hard to see the pictures for doing the fingers you can take a look at the Yoshi hand tutorial pictures which are clearer to see. Mario’s finished height using DK yarn with a 3mm hook is approximately 9″ tall. This is measured from his foot to the top of his hat. Materials
  • DK yarn (blue, red, nude, beige, medium brown, dark brown and white)
  • 3mm crochet hook
  • 2.5mm hook
  • Yarn needle
  • Fire retardant Fibrefill
  • White, blue, black, and red felt (for eyes and letter detail)
  • Felt glue
  • Scissors
  • 2 Yellow buttons (optional, you can use whatever you like for the button)
  • Sewing needle (optional if using a button)
  • Yellow thread (optional if using a button)
  • Pins (optional)
  • Stitch marker (optional)
  • MR# – magic ring with the specified number of single crochets
  • SC – single crochet (double crochet English)
  • INC – single crochet increase
  • hdcINC – half double crochet increase
  • HDC –  half double crochet (half treble crochet English)
  • #in1 –  specified number of single crochets in the same stitch
  • DEC – invisible decrease
  • hdcDEC –  half double crochet decrease
  • 2TOG – 2 stitches together method of decreasing
  • BLO – back loop only
  • FLO – row is front loop only
  • *_______* X# – repeat sequence within the asterisks the specified number of times e.g. *SC, INC* x6)
  • CC –  colour change
  • SS – slip stitch
  • CH – chain stitches
  • CH1T – chain 1 stitch then turn your work
  • SSJ – slip stitch to in the first stitch to join the row
  • ST/STS – stitch/stitches
  • FO – fasten off
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Those finishing details really do bring Mario to life! If you had any trouble with this pattern just drop me a message and I am happy to help in any way that I can. Until the next post, happy crocheting! Chantelle X
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