Freebie Friday: Pokey Super Mario Crochet Pattern

Happy Freebie Sunday my fellow crocheters!

I am so sorry that this weeks post is late. I am away in Cyprus for my baby sisters wedding and have been too busy getting stuff done. The wedding has gone now and it was such an amazing day. She looked like a goddess and Mercedes (my sister) and her husband (eek! Sounds so amazing to say) planned such a phenomenal day.

Needless to say I haven’t had the chance to get any crocheting done either but I was not expecting to in the run up to the wedding. However, as I have mentioned in previous posts I plan on using the summer to complete a lot of projects and complete most of the many patterns that I have yet to turn into PDF tutorials.


I don’t have many pictures with me because I am using my tablet to type up this post but thankfully Pokey is such a simple pattern. The pattern consisted og four sphere which are crocheted as once continuous piece – so be sure to stuff as you go.

When I originally made him I opted to do a colour change with brown yarn to give that effect that you can see. I didn’t follow a particular pattern, I just spaced did a single stitch in brown every couple of stitiches and for the next row kept it yellow. I repeated that sequence of colour changes for one row and plain yellow for the next row. I purposely tried to place the brown stitch halfway between the two brown stitches from the previous colour change row.

Another option, however, is for you to just use brown yarn when you have finished crocheting and stuffing your Pokey and stitching small V’s all over which will give the same effect.

The approximate measurements using DK yarn and 3mm hook are 11 inches height, 3.5 inches width (head spike span).


Materials required:




1. MR6

2. 6INC (12)

3. SC, INC* X6 (18)

4. *2SC, INC* X6 (24)

5. *3SC, INC* X6 (30)

6. *4SC, INC* X6 (36)

7. *5SC, INC* X6 (42)

8. 42SC (42) = 7 ROWS

9. *5SC, DEC* X6 (36)

10. *4SC, DEC* X6 (30)

11. *3SC, DEC* X6 (24)

12. *2SC, DEC* X6 (18)

13. *SC, DEC* X6 (12)

14. FLO: *SC, INC* X6 (18)


37. *2SC, INC* X6 (24)

38. *3SC, INC* X6 (30)

39. *4SC, INC* X6 (36)

40. *5SC, INC* X6 (42)

41. 42SC (42) = 7 ROWS

42. *5SC, DEC* X6 (36)

43. *4SC, DEC* X6 (30)

44. *3SC, DEC* X6 (24)

45. *2SC, DEC* X6 (18)


46. FLO: 18SC (18)

47. *7SC, DEC* X2 (16)

48. 14SC (14)

49. *6SC, DEC* X2 (14)

50. 12SC (12)

51. *5SC, DEC* X2 (12)

52. *4SC, DEC* X2 (10)

53. *3SC, DEC* X2 (8)

54. *2SC, DEC* X2 (6)

55. *SC, DEC* X2 (4)






1. MR4 (4)

2. *SC, INC* X2 (6)

3. *2SC, INC* X2 (8)

4. *3SC, INC* X2 (10)

5. *4SC, INC* X2 (12)

6. 12SC (12)

7. *5SC, INC* X2 (14)

8. 14SC (14)


To finish off your Pokey:

Now, I am going fo try my hardest to get next weeks pattern out on time but I will still be in Cyprus so not sure if I will have the time. Don’t fret though because there will still be a release. I will start working on the post from now and try to get a bit done each day inbetween my planned excursions. I haven’t decided which pattern I will release next. Ideally it would have been Bullet Bill but it will ultimately depend on which one I have the most pictures for.

Thank you for dropping by and until next time happy crocheting!

Chantelle X

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  1. Hi! I am looking for a little help with the spikes, did you mean to put INC instead of DEC? and do I start with a magic ring for those? Thank you!

    • Thank you for the message. I had written complete jibberish. I have corrected the error now. Happy crocheting! X

      • Hello, that is because the centre horn is part of the main body pattern. The other two horns are crocheted separately and then attached. I hope that makes sense. Chantelle x

  2. Ohh haha, thanks a lot! I made this for my son, he loves Mario characters. I plan to make more of your patterns for him, I appreciate your work!! They are so good!

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