Winnie the Pooh and Friends Amigurumi

Hello fellow crafters! I am new to blogging so this is a very big learning curve for me. I’ve never been great with words, but crafting is something that I am so passionate about it has left me with an uncontrollable need to share my projects and ideas with like-minded people. I hope to inspire others the way that other crafters have inspired me with their incredible ideas. I am so thankful for the inspiration that they have given me, I feel like I need to pay it forward.


My first instalment to you is Winnie the Pooh…doesn’t it bring back memories?! I don’t know about you, but for me, this is a childhood classic. Which is why from the moment I saw that derpy Pooh Bear by aphid777 I just had to have him…and I mean REALLY had to have him! Thankfully she had posted the pattern which is available here. 😀 (Added bonus is that its free, though I would have been willing to pay!) Aphid777’s pattern was very easy to follow, my Pooh Bear turned out so cute.

Now as if that wasn’t enough…she also posted pictures of Tigger and Eeyore! Naturally, I just had to have them too. Sadly, she didn’t post a pattern for either and I think that I literally felt my heart break. But just when I thought that all hope was lost, I saw it! Another user had seen the pictures and came up with their own pattern for Eeyore, oh the excitement! 😀 This pattern is also free and available here. The pattern was also easy to follow and I just made a few changes and added a few additional details.


Unfortunately, nobody had come up with a pattern for Tigger (and trust me I kept checking back). This was a reality that I could just not live with, so I said to myself “I can so do this” (keeping in mind that I am still technically a novice when it comes to crochet and had never even heard of needle felting before!) But still, my mind was made up and I was determined. It took A LOT of trial and error, but finally, it was done – I completed the head! Yes, you heard me correctly…just the head. Tigger’s head came out better than I ever thought it would, so it was in that moment that I came to the realisation that I just couldn’t stop there, I had to have them all. This lead to the birth of Piglet and Lumpy too.


So, I now have Pooh, Eeyore, Tigger, Piglet and Lumpy but my collection still feels incomplete and I don’t think that it will feel complete until have Roo, Rabbit and Owl too. Keep your eye out for them, I’m planning on adding them to my collection very soon.


N.B. All my Pooh and Friends were made using Drops Safran 100% cotton 4 ply yarn which I doubled up on and used a 3.5mm hook. Any stitched details were done using black 4 ply yarn, coloured felt (black, fuchsia, pink, light purple, beige) and wool roving (beige and pale pink). Drops yarn colours and size safety eyes used:

Pooh – 11 Strong Yellow, 19 Red, 10mm safety eyes.

Eeyore – 6 Denim Blue, 16 Black, 21 Beige, 10mm safety eyes.

Tigger – 16 Black, 28 Orange, 10mm safety eyes.

Piglet – 1 Light Pink, 2 Medium Pink, 20 Rust, 55 Cerise, 8mm safety eyes.

Lumpy – 5 Light purple, Drops Paris 8 Dark Purple, 6mm safety eyes.

For all of you wondering…I will most definitely be working on writing up the patterns for my Tigger, Piglet and Lumpy inspired amigurumi in the very near future. Please stay tuned for an update  UPDATE: THE PATTERNS ARE NOW AVAILABLE! 🙂

Thank you for taking time to read my blog and until next time, I hope that I have contributed in some small part to your already boundless inspiration.

Chantelle x


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  1. Hi Chantelle, I’m from Holland and trying to crochet your Tigger. So I have to translate the pattern. I’m doing the mouth now and do not understand the line where it says 3in1. Would you be so kind to explain 3in1 to me.
    Best Regards, Ineke

  2. Hi Chantelle, i love your patterns of the adorable characters! I was wondering how big they are when done? Like compared to your hand or in measures?

    • Hiya, I havent tried but I have seen one or two people use my pattern and make them sitting up. Happy crocheting X

  3. Thank you so much. I didnt write the pattern for eeyore but I did include the link to the free eeyore pattern in the winnie the pooh and friends post. Is the link not working?

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