Hiatus Update

Hello everyone!

I hope that you have been enjoying your summer so far. I sure have. I am sorry that I am only now posting an update as to my progress during my break. I spent the first 2 1/2 weeks just relaxing and enjoying doing nothing. After my needed break, it has been a whirlwind of productivity and I have lots of exciting news for you.

The main piece of news is that I am going to start giving additional perks to my long-term subscribers. Over half of my Patreon subscribers are veteran patrons that have been with me a long time – many from 2020! I feel like this kind of commitment should be rewarded. So, as a result I have been working on some well-deserved additional perks for you die hard patrons in order to show my appreciation.

What I will be doing for you is making my pattern posts available as a PDF download. It will not be in the traditional format like pattern PDF’s that you purchase. Instead, I have just re-formatted the post to make it easier to follow and also converted it to a PDF format so that you can download. This will make printing and/or keeping a copy on your devices easier. So far, I have converted all of the Freebie Friday patterns that are available on my website, as well as all of my Super Mario patterns. I am not sure how I am going to implement this in terms of eligibility – I am thinking 6+ months gives you access to my mini tier pattern PDFs and 12+ months access to my midi tier pattern PDFs.

But this is not all. I am also planning on some exclusive patterns that are only available to my long-term patrons. I have not decided how this will work yet, but I am thinking of a new series of patterns, for example Pokémon, which will only be available to my long-term patrons. It will not be a case of a new pattern monthly but just when I post the pattern it will be available to you. I don’t want to create any additional pressure from having to have another pattern ready each month. I will do a poll so you can decide what series of patterns you would want this to be. However, this perk will probably not be implemented until after I have finished converting my posts into PDF format and made them available to you – so it will be at some point in 2023 most likely.

There is no option to do these benefits directly through the Patreon website so these perks will only be accessible through my website. This is all still in the planning stages as I have yet to finalise the details. However, I wanted to fill you in on the progress that I have made and to let you know that these perks are coming.

Aside from these additional perks, I have been diving into writing my Master Amigurumi course– which I have made a lot of progress with. Once finished this course will be available both on Udemy and my website.

I have also been working hard to complete some video tutorials for my YouTube channel. So far, I have managed to complete both my Cogsworth and Beast tutorials! Which is crazy considering that most of the tutorials were recorded during lockdown when I was pregnant in July 2020! As they say its better late than never!

On a final note, I have also planned a number of characters for my Etsy store as well as a few new series for my Freebie Friday patterns. I just need to finish drawing them out and deciding on the sizing. I will be sure to post the sketches for you to see.

So, as you can see it has been a very busy period for me. I am not completely sure how I have managed it but so far so good. Once I am back at work, this may change, and my productivity may slow down. I am not entirely sure how I will juggle the twins, working and trying to continue crocheting and growing One’s Creative Mind. This may result in some major changes in the frequency of my pattern posting, but until then I will do as much as I can to continue as normal.

Thank you all for your continued support. Just a reminder that you will not be billed for August. Billing will resume on the 1st September. When I return, the Mini tier pattern is Lenny from Toy Story and Midi tier pattern is Happy from Snow White. I will also create an updated list of the next 6 months of pattern releases for you all.

Until the next post, HAPPY CROCHETING!

Chantelle X

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