Snow White Customisation Tutorial

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Happy March!

With my Aladdin amigurumi series complete it is time to start a new one. The next Disney princess movie up is Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and what better way to start this new series than with Snow White herself.

As with all of my princesses I used my Avery doll base and customised her into Snow White. This base pattern can be purchased in my Etsy and Ravelry stores.

I used felt to make the clothing, because of this Snow White’s skirt does not drop in the way that it should because the material is stiffer. However, I do not mind the more flared look but you can always use a material of your choice if you would prefer a flowing skirt.

Thank to having done the Aladdin series prior to this I had already figured out how to get puffed sleeves. This meant that I knew exactly what I had to do in order to get the dame effect for both Snow White and Prince Charming’s sleeves. The bodice took a bit of trial and error. Due to the collar, the jacket opening had to be forward-facing. In the end, I did Snow Whites Dress as two separate parts – a skirt and a top. This just made it easier in regards to putting the clothing on. If you prefer, however, you can always connect the bodice to the skirt to make it one piece.

As with all of the eyes that I make for my Avery and Arlo doll bases I use the T-short transfer paper method. This is where I design the eyes as an image file, print them onto inkjet printable transfer paper and iron them onto white felt. They are then cut out and glued onto my dolls using felt glue. One thing you have to take note of when using transfer paper is that your image has to be printed in reverse – especially if it contains writing.

Also, check out my Prince Charming customisation tutorial.


(Template size is based on the Avery doll base made using 4ply yarn and a 2.5mm hook).

  • White felt
  • T-shirt transfer paper
  • Printer
  • Iron
  • Scissors
  • Felt glue
  • Black 4ply yarn
  • Pale yellow, dark blue, light blue, red and white felt
  • Pale yellow, dark blue, light blue and white thread (or you can use one colour as I did)
  • Sewing needle
  • Sewing machine
  • 4 fasteners (i.e. poppers, Velcro, buttons, etc.) approx. 5-7mm wide
  • Black wool roving & needle felting needle (optional – you can use the yarn to embroider the eyebrows)


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You are now complete. How did it turn out? Will you be pairing your Snow White with her Prince Charming?

The next pattern being released from my Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs series is Grumpy . Check back in April for the pattern post.

Until the next post, HAPPY CROCHETING!

Chantelle X

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