Bowser Assembly Tutorial

Happy Monday!

I wont waffle on again because I said everything that I needed to say in the pattern post. Just keep reading for the step-by-step instructions on how to assemble your Bowser.


Step 1

Attach the legs.

Step 2

Attach the arms.

Step 3

Attach the tail.

Step 4

Using a piece of cardboard draw around the head closing. Cut out so that it is a little bit smaller and glue onto the closing.

Step 5

Attach the closing to the head remembering to stuff as you go. (Here is where I made an alteration to the pattern by adding a colour change to green for the last row which is not depicted in the pictures).

Step 6

Repeat steps 4 and 5 for the neck and the closing. You do not need to stuff as you go this time.

Step 7

Connect the head and the neck together as pictured.

Step 8

Connect the two top lip halves together.

Step 9

Connect the nose.

Step 10

Attach the lip piece to the top of the head and the jaw to the neckpiece. Then connect the lip piece and jaw together at the side. (I connected the lip piece and jaw together and then connected it to the head piece. This made it a bit difficult to attach).

Step 11

Attach the belly.

Step 12

Attach the head.

Step 13

Attach the shell.

Step 14

Connect the shell rim so that it creates a circle. Attach it to the shell.

Step 15

Attach horns to the head.

Step 16

Attach spikes to the tail.

Step 17

Attach spikes to the shell.

Step 18

Using black felt cut out long strips. I used a silver metallic pen to draw circles on for the “spikes”. However, you can also just cut out circle using grey felt to give the same effect. Add the collars to the arms and neck.

Step 19

Cut out triangles using white craft foam for the teeth. Using red felt cut out a tongue shape and glue to the inside of the mouth.

Step 20

Using red, white and black felt cut out and glue the eye together, then attach them to the head.

Step 21

Lastly, attach the hair. I used gel/hair spray to style as pictured.

You are now complete!!

How did your Bowser turn out? Was he worth all the sweat and tears? I really do hope so.

As I said previously, Bowser marks the end of the Mario series (at least for the time being). Though I am sad it has come to an end I am also excited because it marks the beginning of a new project – Toy Story! Are you just as excited as I am? The first Toy Story pattern release will be the alien so stay tuned for next month.

Until the next post, happy crocheting!

Chantelle X

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