Spooky Crochet Cupcakes

This will be my fourth post in two weeks! (this is a HUGE improvement on my TWO posts last year!) It already feels like it is getting easier. I look forward to seeing the improvements with the speed and content of my writing. The plan is to stay on track and post at least once…or even twice a week.

Over the next few weeks (or even months 🙈) I am going to be writing blog posts of all my previous crocheted projects. Any of you who follow me on Instagram know that there is a huge back log! Don’t fear, at the same time I will be posting my current projects too.

This post is to introduce a previous project of spooky crochet cupcakes. I started these in September 2018 and the patterns are available in my Etsy store.

There are 12 designs in total which consists of; Frankenstein, the Bride of Frankenstein, Ghost, Dracula, Bat, Devil, Pumpkin, Witch, Zombie, Warewolf, Clown and Mummy.

I have been asked what my inspiration was for these Halloween themed cuties and to be honest it was in fact a recycled idea. September arrived and I was seeing a lot of crafters starting to work on their Halloween projects – some had even started putting up their Halloween patterns in their Etsy store. I felt that I should follow the trend because I always leave it too late and then my projects are not finished in time for the season or event. While brain storming and trolling the web for ideas I kept seeing crocheted cupcakes popping up on my Pinterest feed and that’s when I remembered my Halloween sugar cookies. For Halloween 2017 I drew up designs for some Halloween themed sugar cookies that I wanted to make (another hobby if mine is baking).

Using the sketches I made chocolate and vanilla sugar cookies to hand out as free samples at my sister’s workplace. I wan happy with how they turned out and thankfully they were a bug hit! So back to the point, I thought to myself why not make my cookie design into a crochet design…with that my spooky cuties were born.



For this project I used cotton aran yarn with a 3.5mm hook. The project is quick, each cupcake takes under 90 minutes to complete and the pattern is fairly straight forward. The only techniques and stitches that you need to know are:
• Magic ring
• Increase
• Decrease
• Single crochet
• Half double crochet (for cupcake wrapper base)
• Double crochet (for scalloped edge)
• Crocheting in back loop only
• Crocheting in front loop only
• Slip stitch joining and chaining 1 when crocheting in the round
• Whip stitch (to join the cupcake case to the frosting which are done in two parts)

I turned my finished spooky cupcakes into bag charms because they were a little too big for key charms but if you scale it down using 4 ply yarn and a 2mm hook it will be the right size for keys.  

I was very pleased with myself because I managed to complete all the cupcakes before the end of September which was the goal that I set myself. However, I think that I celebrated and pat myself on the back a bit prematurely because in the end I was delayed when trying to type up the PDF’s and get them into my store by 24th September. I suppose it’s better to be late than never and at least I did get part one and part two in store before Halloween. Just click the pictures below to be taken to the listing my Etsy store.

Chantelle x

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