Freebie Friday: Rabbit Crochet Pattern

Happy Freebie Friday!

The freebie pattern this week is Winnie the Pooh’s Rabbit.

With Rabbit I ended up using cotton aran yarn with a 4mm crochet hook because I did not have the correct colour in 4ply yarn. Also for my original rabbit I needle felted the nose and snout you can do the same or use the included crochet version below. The choice is entirely up to you.


Materials used:

  • Cotton aran yarn. I used Scheepjes Cahlista 101—Candlelight (I needed roughly 80g), 238—Powder Pink, 106—Snow White and Jet Black—110
  • 4 mm crochet hook
  • Two 10mm safety eyes
  • Yarn needle
  • Fire retardant Fibrefill
  • Scissors
  • Pink felt
  • Felt glue
  • Sewing pins (optional)
  • Stitch marker (optional)



Using pale yellow yarn
^Stuff firmly as you go^

  • 1. MR6
  • 2.       6INC (12)
  • 3.       *SC, INC* X6 (18)
  • 4.       *2SC, INC* X6 (24)
  • 5.       *3SC, INC* X6 (30)
  • 6-10.            30SC (30) =5 ROWS
  • 11.     *6SC, INC, SC, 2INC, SC, 2INC, SC, INC* x2 (42)
  • 12-14.          42SC (42) =3 ROWS

Place safety eyes 4 rows down from marker (between rows 9-10) and in the 17th and 21st stitches to the left of the marker

  • 15.     *6SC, DEC, SC, 2DEC, SC, 2DEC, SC, DEC* x2 (30)
  • 16.     *3SC, DEC* X6 (24)
  • 17.     *2SC, DEC* X6 (18)
  • 18.     *SC, DEC* X6 (12)
  • 19.     *2SC, DEC* X3 (9)
  • 20.     *SC, DEC* X3 (6)
  •           FO


EARS (make two):
Using pale yellow yarn

  • 1.         MR6
  • 2.         6SC (6)
  • 3.         *SC, INC* X2 (9)
  • 4.          4SC, INC, 3SC, INC (11)
  • 5.          5SC, INC, 4SC, INC (13)
  • 6.          6SC, INC, 5SC, INC (15)
  • 7-13.    15SC (15) =7 ROWS
  • 14.        6SC, DEC, 5SC, DEC (13)
  • 15.        5SC, DEC, 4SC, DEC (11)
  • 16.       4SC, DEC, 3SC, DEC (9)
  • FO but do NOT stuff


Using white yarn

  • 1.       MR6
  • 2.       6INC (12)
  • 3.       *3INC, 3SC* X2 (18)
  • 4-5.   18SC (18) =2 ROWS
  •            FO but do NOT stuff yet

Using pale pink yarn

  • 1.       MR6
  • 2.       *SC, INC* X3 (9)
  • 3.       9SC (9)
  •            FO but do NOT stuff yet

Using white yarn

  • 1.       CH5, From 2ND ST: 3SC, 3IN1,2SC, 3IN1(11)
  • 2.          3SC, INC, SC, INC, 3SC, INC, SC (14)
  • 3.       14SC
  •            FO but do NOT stuff yet

Using pale yellow yarn

  • 1.    MR6
  • 2.    6INC (12)
  • 3.    *SC, INC* X6 (18)
  • 4.    *2SC, INC* X6 (24)
  • 5.    *3SC, INC* X6 (30)
  • 6.    *4SC, INC* X6 (36)
  • 7.    *5SC, INC* X6 (42)
  • 8-14.   42SC (42) = 7 ROWS
  • 15.  3SC, DEC, 2SC, *5SC, DEC* X4, 2SC, DEC, 3SC (36)
  • 16.  6SC, *6SC, DEC* X3, 6SC (33)
  • 17. 6SC, *5SC, DEC* X3, 6SC (30)
  • 18-19. 30SC (30) = 2 ROWS
  • 20. *8SC, DEC* X3 (27)
  • 21. 27SC (27)
  • 22. *7SC, DEC* X3 (24)
  • 23. 24SC (24)
  • FO and stuff firmly


Using pale yellow yarn

  • 1.       MR6
  • 2.       6INC (12)
  • 3.       6SC, *SC, INC* X3 (15)
  • 4.       6SC, *2SC, INC* X3 (18)
  • 5-6.    18SC (18) =2 ROWS
  • 7.       6SC, *2SC, DEC* X3 (15)
  • 8.       6SC, *SC, DEC* X3 (12)
  • 9.       6SC, 3DEC (9)
  • 10.     *2SC, INC* X3 (12)
  • 11.     2SC, INC, 5SC, INC, 3SC (14)
  • 12.     3SC, INC, 6SC, INC, 3SC (16)
  • 13. 16SC (16)
  • 14. 4SC, INC, 7SC, INC, 3SC (18)
  • 15. 18SC (18)
  • 16. 5SC, INC, 8SC, INC, 3SC (20)
  • FO and stuff firmly


Using pale yellow yarn

  • 1.       CH4
  • 2        From 2nd ST from the hook: 2SC, 3IN1, then on the other      side of the chain; 2SC, INC (9)
  • 3.       3SC, 2INC, 3SC, INC (12)
  • 4.       INC, 3SC, INC, SC, INC, 3SC, INC, SC, (16)
  • 5-6.    16SC (16) =2 ROWS
  • 7.       *6SC, DEC* X2 (14)
  • 8.       *5SC, DEC* X2 (12)
  • 9-11.            12SC (12) =3 ROWS
  • 12.     SC, CH1T
  • 13.     6SC, CH1T
  • 14.     6SC, CH1T
  • 15. SC (in the side—see image below), 6SC (at the front), SC (in the side)
  • Place stitch marker in the next stitch (i.e. the first DEC)
  • 16. 3DEC, 3SC, DEC, 3SC (10)
  • 17. 4SC, 5SS, SC (10)
  • 18. 3SC, INC, 5SS in FLO, SC (11)
  • 19. INC, 10SC (12)
  • 20. *5SC, INC* X2 (14)
  • 21. *6SC, INC* X2 (16)
  • 22. *3SC, INC* X4 (20)
  • 23. *9SC, INC* X2 (22)
  • 24. *10SC, INC* X2 (24)
  • 25. *5SC, INC* X4 (28)
  • 26. 12SC, DEC, *SC, DEC* X4, 2SC (23)
  • 27. 23SC (23)
  • 28. 2SC, DEC, *SC, DEC* X2, 3SC, *2SC, INC,* X2, 4SC (22)
  • 29. 22SC (22)
  • FO and stuff firmly

Using white yarn

Make a pom-pom for the tail ensuring to leave a long enough piece of yarn to attach it to the body.



It is quite difficult to describe in a written format how to attach the arms, legs, etc. but I have included pictures to serve as a guide. It is easier if you sew on the eyebrows and head details first, such as snout, mouth, nose and ears. This way you can hide where you tie off the black yarn and other ends at the back of the head where you connect the head and body. I use the whip stitch to assemble the parts but you can use whichever method is easier for you. I found it easier to pin the parts in place so I could sew them on symmetrically. Here are a few optional notes for you to use when assembling your Rabbit:

  • ·  Attach the mouth, nose and snout together to make the mouth piece, stuff nose lightly as you attach. (see picture 1.
  • ·  Using picture 2 as a guide attach the mouth piece and stuff lightly as you go. Then stitch the eyebrows. 
  • ·  On a piece of paper draw around the ears and then draw around on the inside of the ear outline leaving roughly a 5mm perimeter (see picture 3). Cut out the smaller ear shape and use it as a template to cut out two of these shapes using pink felt and glue to each of the ears (see picture 4). Attach the ears as shown in picture (see picture 6).
  • ·  Attach the body to the head.
  • ·  Attach the legs and arms. There are roughly 5 rows between the arms and legs (see pictures 5 & 7). 
  • · Attach the pom-pom tail roughly 6 rows up from the body centre point (see picture 7).

You are now finished! Hopefully, the outcome is as you expected and the pattern was easy to follow. I would LOVE to see any completed projects! Please tag/direct message me on Instagram or Facebook (@onescreativemind). You can also send me pictures via email (

I hope that you had fun creating this little cutie. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Facebook for up to date information on my crochet and papercraft projects.

Happy crocheting!

Chantelle x


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  1. I am having trouble with the legs – it all goes wrong on row 15 and 16. Can you explain how to dc at side and what is it supposed to look like at this point?

    • Where you do the CH1T rows (rows 12-14) it is in the side of those rows where you put the SC then the 6SC in the visible stitches and another SC in the opposite side of the CH1T row. Does this help at all?

  2. Oh,I see! row 15 goes back down to the stitches left behind on row 11. Then at the end of the row, there are 14 stitches and we are working in the round again. Many thanks! I don’t know how I missed that.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing! You truly are amazing! I started the collection and people loved loved them so much that they placed ‘orders’ for them. 0.o I’ve never sold any of my work so I had no idea what to charge! But I always credit YOU!

    • Youre very welcome. So happy that you are enjoying my patterns. Would love to see pictures if you have them. Happy crocheting x

  4. I would like to know how big your rabbit came out? I have been working on it & even increased the hook size & it still comes out on the smaller side.

    • What size hook and weight yarn are you using? My Rabbit is about 7 inches using aran. You can use doubled or tripled DK yarn if you want bigger. But will need to use bigger eyes too x

  5. I would like to know how big rabbit came out when you made it? I’ve been working on it and even increased the hook size & it comes out small for me.

  6. hola, tome el diseño de tus brazos y patas, pero me gustaría ver como queda de frente, así me ayuda para pegarlos al cuerpo. gracias

  7. You have to work around in both sides of the chain. I hope that makes sense. Thank you so much. I’m very happy that you have been enjoying my patterns

  8. The pattern indicates that pictures of the assembly and process for attaching arms, legs, ect. are included for clarification, but I see no pictures. Are there pictures?

  9. I am trying to make this pattern, however; I am unable to see the photos. Is there any way you can post progress photos for this pattern, please?

    • Hello, thank yiu for bringing this to my attention. I will try an reupload the pictures during the week.

  10. These are so cute but can’t really follow unless I have a pdf im wanting to make ALL the 100 acre woods pals I have the leisure arts one but I want the other pals as well..

  11. Thank you for this pattern. I have been looking for a flat bunny for a long time. This pattern is only a base for what I’m going to create. After I get done it will look like someone drove over it.

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