Coming soon – Mastering Amigurumi

I have been working behind the scenes on some lessons and tips to help those who want to learn and/or improve their amigurumi skills.

There will be a number of lessons that will begin with the very basics for the absolute beginner. The lessons will advance through intermediate and advanced lessons and techniques. I will also include practice exercises at the end of some lessons to assist your learning. Lessons will consist of both written and video tutorials. I don’t currently have an estimated ETA for when I will start this series. However, I have started writing it and have written the first four posts for the series but would like to write a few more before I begin to publish the posts. I will give you all an update as to my progress and an estimated ETA in the new year – Probably in January or February.

I will continue to update this post with my progress and any new information regarding this Mastering Amigurumi series.

15/09/2023 UPDATE:

So many people have asked what is happening with my masterclass – it is still happening, just at a much slower pace than I anticipated. Squeezing in time around the kids and my other commitments proved to be too much for me. Fortunately, this month the twins officially started nursery so I now have the time to get things done uninterrupted! Yay!

Things will start moving at a much quicker pace now and there will be more frequent updates so you can see my progress. However, while you are waiting, I will also be uploading 1-2 posts a month that are part of my Mastering Amigurumi Bitesized Edition to give you something to sink your teeth into while you wait.

In the meantime, do let me know if there are specific topics you would like to see in the course.

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding!


09/03/2022 UPDATE:

I have continued working on my amigurumi class and have written 4 more lessons – bringing the total to 8 lessons so far. I also need to record the accompanying videos for some of the lessons. When it comes to a release date I am still not ready to give an ETA due to my busy schedule. I would like to release it when it is closer to completion to prevent any delays in uploading lessons.


29/09/2022 UPDATE:

I am still busy working behind the scenes on this masterclass. It is quite an extensive course, so it is taking me a while. Below is a list of my planned sections and I have put a tick next to the ones that I have completed so far. This list is subject to change slightly as I complete each section, but generally these are my planned areas for the course.

I will also be making parts of the masterclass available as a smaller course for those of you who have a specific area that you are interested in learning but don’t want to purchase the entire course. I am planning on making sections 4-8 available as 5 separate smaller courses.

My current ETA to complete the course is December/January but I will update this timeframe, if need be, as time goes on.


        SECTION 1

About me and my amigurumi experience ✓

Prerequisites ✓

How to read PDF patterns ✓

Introduction to crochet basics ✓


        SECTION 2

         Beginner crochet stitches and techniques – right-handed ✓



Beginner crochet stitches and techniques – left-handed ✓


        SECTION 4

All about shapes ✓

Stitch rules ✓

Reference shapes and gauges ✓

Practice activity 1 ✓

Shapes in review 1 ✓

Connecting ✓

Character breakdown and crochet-along 1 ✓

Putting your knowledge into practice 1 ✓



Contouring 101 ✓

Contouring rules

Practice activity 2 ✓

Shapes in review 2

Character breakdown and crochet-along 2

Putting your knowledge into practice 2

Character breakdown and crochet-along 3

Putting your knowledge into practice 3



2D amigurumi



More advanced crochet stitches and techniques

How to create doll bases

Ways to customise your dolls



Creating PDF patterns

Calculating crochet time and yarn weight ✓

Pricing your amigurumi and PDFs for sale ✓


Check back later for more updates. In the meantime – HAPPY CROCHETING!


Chantelle X

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